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We are Gonuts Bubble Tea

The ultimate destination for tea lovers everywhere!

Unique Finest Tea

Our tea is made with the finest ingredients, including both classic and unique blends, to ensure an unforgettable experience for our customers. We prioritize creating lasting memories through our products.

Customer Service

The team of employees is characterized by their eagerness, zeal, and dedication to offering high-quality services. Their ultimate goal is to ensure your satisfaction and happiness.


Rest assured that even if you are unable to make it to Gonuts in person, you can still indulge in our exquisite drinks. Our online platform is always accessible, operating 7 days a week.

Where every sip is an adventure !

We are more than just a tea company. Our team comprises passionate and enthusiastic individuals dedicated to providing an exceptional tea experience to our customers every time they visit us.

We offer a thoughtfully selected menu of teas tested, refined, and perfected to bring out the best flavours and aromas. Whether you’re looking for unique blends or classic favourites, our teas are crafted to perfection.

We welcome you to visit us and enjoy the ultimate destination for tea lovers everywhere! Our focus is not only on tea but also on creating unforgettable experiences for our customers. Our lively and energetic atmosphere and board games provide the perfect setting for unwinding and relaxing with friends.

Craving for bubble teas ? Yes, we deliver!!

Our delivery services are in collaboration with UberEATs, Deliveroo . It is recommended that you check your postcode on all delivery platforms before placing your order, as one platform may have a wider delivery range than the other.

We regret any inconvenience caused if your location is too far away, but we would be happy to welcome you to our store. In case you face any issues with your order, please seek assistance through the respective app, and they will assist you promptly.

Customer Reviews

“As someone who is a massive fan of her bubble tea I was over the moon when I came across Gonuts Boba Tea. I have been into their shop once, but I usually order on Ubereats. Having met them, I can honestly say that they are the most lovely group of people who are very passionate about what they do, and you can tell they pour their hearts into every boba tea that they make “

“Gonuts bubble tea is particularly unique because they are not part of a chain of restaurants, they are their own independent bubble tea shop. Indeed, there is only one store like them, and it is on Holloway Road. Gonuts is passionate about flavour and quality – the two major criteria you should have when picking somewhere to enjoy this Taiwanese delicacy. Their brown sugar pearls series is not one to be missed, either!”

“Gonuts Bubble Tea Tasty teas in adventurous or trad flavours – both at reasonable prices – make this an obvious choice for bubble-lovers, but what pushes it into a higher tier is the super-friendly service and warm atmosphere”

"If you are seeking some of the best bubble tea in the city, Gonuts Bubble Tea London will not disappoint you. Gonuts means going crazy, and the shop lives up to its name for sure. You will be spoilt for choices here and can enjoy an amazing experience while trying out some of its new drinks. You can try out its rose tea, milk tea with bubbles, and green tea, among others"


If you are into quality and flavour, Gonuts is not a place to be missed. We offer wide ranges of fresh organic teas, yet all are delicious. We offer different kind of milk in our drinks. We are also the vegan-friendly bubble tea brand. Soya or Oat can replace any milk as our non-dairy options.
Definitely! When you order, we will always ask if you’d like hot or cold/ the amount of sweetness and ice level you like to put in, any milk you want to substitute. We can be able to answer all of your allergies requirement. We will always try our best custom your drink to your preference!
All of our milk tea drinks can be made hot and also lemon honey green tea. Feel free to ask our team members when you visit.

Tapioca pearls are known as the traditional topping in bubble tea. They are made from cassava roots originating from Brazil and used in many food and drink items, including sauces and desserts. The texture of tapioca is similar to that of a gummy bear and its taste if placed in sugar syrup is like a chewy caramel. It goes very well with all kinds of drinks.

Popping balls are made from seaweed extract, with delicious fruit burst flavours inside. It is vegan ( no gelatin ) and has a wide variety of tastes. It is best to pair with fruit teas series.

Brown sugar drinks include caramelised pearls simmer in our unique brown sugar syrups, cooked for long before served.

Latte Cheese Cream series is our Teas topped with a layer of salted cheese cream on top. Delicious! It gives you a sweet, creamy and savoury satisfaction in one go.

We have a QR code where you can register your account in just 1 minute. It then will saved into your e-wallet. Every time you come to ours, show us the card, and we can add it for you. Every 10th stamp will get you a free Medium Drink, and the 20th stamp will get you a Large Drink.